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The Brand Called You

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This Fast Company article published in 1997 by Tom Peters comes recommended by Neill Marshall, co-founder of HealthSearch Partners. “The article is my favorite for several reasons. It was the first time anyone talked about personal branding, which was a unique concept at the time. He thought it was as much about how you do it as what you do that impacts your success. It revolutionized the way people thought about jobs and their careers,” Marhsall says. “While Peters had no idea, when he wrote it, digital media and social networks were going to create a platform where everyone truly can be a brand—giving way to a whole new way people do business.” Our last recommendation for the best business articles for entrepreneurs is “The Busy Trap,” an essay by…
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Ways Your Business Can Avoid It and Keep Up Productivity

Finance, Games, News and Technology, Sport
A majority of workers feel distracted during the summer months, with 53% of workers reporting an increase in distraction from Memorial Day to Labor Day. This phenomenon, dubbed the “summer slump,” can have a big impact on your bottom line. An increase in distraction causes a decrease in motivation, with 1 in 4 employees feeling less productive during summertime. Further, a majority of employees feel that their employers aren’t doing enough to prevent burnout. Many industries also see a decline in business throughout the summer, which can make employees feel even less inclined to work hard. But even when sales slow, there are always things your employees can be working on to improve your business as a whole. Jump to our infographic to learn 11 actionable ways to prevent the…
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